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The Plants of Beverley 2018

During 2018 we intend to make a systematic survey of the town of Beverley and its surrounding area, paying particular attention to the ancient commons of Westwood, Swine Moor and Figham. We hope that the results will provide a baseline from which future changes in the vegetation of Beverley can be measured.

As a Society we will make weekly visits to Beverley, each focussing on a particular kilometre square (monad) as shown on the map to the right. The data generated by these excursions, supplemented with any contributed data, will be presented here as a series of maps. We welcome any offers of help and records, particularly lists of species, that can be allocated to a specific kilometre square - use the map to the right to identify which square your records relate to.

For records to be useful in the project they must -

The maps will appear to be sparse at first but new data will be added as the survey progresses. We hope that new records will be added to the website fairly quickly and that the maps for the common species will be a good indication of our progress.

Please send any lists or queries to-

The 25 complete squares will be surveyed

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