Data collection for this project has extended over the three year period from 1998 - 2000. It has been a group project by the Hull Natural History Society and many of its members have been involved in some way or another. Contributions have ranged from dozens of complete km square lists to help searching for plants on our many Tuesday evening recording meetings. The effort put in by all contributors is gratefully acknowledged.

Foremost among those who must be singled out for special thanks is Rob Atkinson, who has worked tirelessly for the three years of the project and has contributed a good proportion of all of the "dots". He also has the distinction of living in the square with the most recorded taxa!

Peter Cook, the vice-county recorder, has supported the project throughout, both with records and his help with the identification of difficult specimens. Thanks Peter.

Jon Capel, Hull's City Ecologist, has been of great assistance to the project both by providing us with access to all of the botanical records held by his Department and by contributing many of his own.

John Dews has provided lists for many squares and has contributed much to our understanding of some taxa.

The following Society members have made varied and valuable contributions to the recording process - thanks again to you all.

Annual autumn visits by the Bradford Botany Group to the western dockland area have been of great assistance with some of the more exotic aliens. Thanks to all members who came, especially John Martin, Brian (Jesse) Tregale, Mike Wilcox and Geoffrey Wilmore.

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